Bentley launched its first product in the United States

Bentley launched its first product in the United States

May 17, 2023

Bentley launched its first product in the United States

Hechingen, Germany, May 2023 – Bentley, a global leader in the endovascular treatment for aortic and peripheral vascular disease, announces their first product launch in the United States with the BeBack crossing catheter designed for the treatment of heavily calcified lesions.

After the acquisition of the GoBack catheter back in September 2022, Bentley worked behind the scenes on the rebranding of the device from GoBack to BeBack, making sure the device can benefit from the Bentley corporate branding. Bringing the BeBack to the market marks an important milestone for the Germany-based company since this is the first product, which is launched for the US market.

The BeBack catheter is designed for steering through Chronic Total Occlusions (CTO) that often is the most challenging part when treating heavily calcified lesions. The catheter is available in an 80 and 120 cm catheter in both a 2.9F and 4F size. The device makes use of a steerable and in length adjustable Nitinol needle, which is used for crossing and targeted re-entry purposes. A radiopaque marker indicates the direction in which the curved needle, located near the tip of the catheter, protrudes. Multiple treatment options from antegrade, retrograde and crossover are possible with the BeBack crossing catheter for intraluminal and sub intimal approaches of stenotic or occluded lesions.

Dr. Beasley - vascular and interventional radiologist at Palm Vascular Centers Miami Beach, had the honor to use the first BeBack on US soil. “Now that the BeBack is available I use it more frequently compared to other re-entry devices that are available on the market. The unique features of the BeBack make the most complex lesions easy to cross, and therefore the device helps to reduce the procedure time,” Dr. Beasley said. “Reducing the procedure time is of huge benefit for both the clinical center, the physician and of course for the patients, who will benefits the most. This and the unique features makes the BeBack such a game changer for CTO procedures,” Dr. Beasley continued.

The BeBack crossing catheter is now commercially available nationwide. The device will be showcased and presented at several upcoming conferences both nationally and internationally.

The BeBack is CE marked and FDA cleared for commercial purposes.


For product availability and further information, check: or send an email to:

Contact: Matthias Bleesen, Communication & Event Coordinator, M.Bleesen@bentley.globa


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