at the Core of Bentley

“BeSustainable” is a key element of our corporate culture. We assume responsibility for our employees, the environment and society in general. Contributing to a better life for patients and physicians is the foundation of Bentley’s operations and business model. The company’s belief is that high-end medical technology is the key to better patient care and health. Every day Bentley is working hard to serve customers better and make products the gold standard in endovascular treatments to improve patient and hospital outcomes around the globe. Helping customers to improve efficiency and quality of patient care is Bentley’s most significant contribution to a more sustainable society. In doing so, we abide by our corporate values, mission, vision and goals.

Next to our impact for better health, as referenced by UNSDG 3, from our innovative product portfolio, we are examining all our business activities and corresponding processes in terms of a responsible approach to employees, the environment and society in general.

Despite our production facilities not being energy intensive, we analyze and realize any opportunities that arise in order to preserve resources and reduce energy consumption, CO2 and pollutant emissions, as well as waste. We keep on striving to make a greater contribution to sustainable corporate action.

The Chairperson of the Board is second generation and just as dedicated to the long-term development of the company as the founders. The executive Management Board team members are all shareholders in Bentley, and all employees are to be engaged as shareholders in the event of a planned IPO.

ESG Reporting

Bentley is preparing its first sustainability report, which will cover the 2022 business year. The report will be published on the company’s website later this year. It will provide investors and other stakeholders with further access to the information they need to address any investment risks arising from climate change and other sustainability issues.

Corporate Governance

Bentley is operating in a densely regulated sector. This means that, as a private company, Bentley has already been adhering to high standards for product safety, quality control, IT security and governance.

Culture of Innovation

The company group focuses on the development of unique products and strives to find creative answers to questions posed by the healthcare industry. Bentley’s entrepreneurial culture forms the platform for these innovations. The Bentley Code of Conduct, together with dedicated internal processes, sets the organization’s high standards.


Bentley has established itself as a preferred supplier and provides a workplace that attracts and also retains employees. The key ingredients of this philosophy are

  • a unique corporate culture,
  • a dedicated recruitment process and talent management,
  • our Code of Conduct, and
  • enterprise risk management.

Bentley has been honored with one of Germany’s top business awards for mid-sized companies. The following criteria were acknowledged by the judging panel: the company’s overall development, the creation and securing of jobs, innovation and modernization, and a commitment to the region, in addition to customer focus, service and marketing.


A preferred employer with a rather unique corporate culture – the “Bentley Style”

  • Yes, we are ambitious.
  • Yes, we want the best.
  • Yes, we value team spirit.
  • We celebrate together.
  • With numerous Bentley benefits, we express our appreciation for your commitment.
  • We support you with further training and workshops so that you can achieve your professional goals.

The company group strives to keep up the entrepreneurial drive and dynamic start-up mentality. For Bentley, finding and keeping talent is a key success factor. Learn more about a career at Bentley.


These are secured by

  • internal processes for quality assurance and information security,
  • training programs for employees,
  • our Code of Conduct,
  • company philosophy and Quality Policy, and
  • enterprise risk management.

Quality assurance and product safety are of utmost importance for the Group.

Industry-specific Regulations and Requirements

Bentley’s products are subject to industry-specific regulations and requirements. The company’s products comply with relevant patient security requirements, such as the European Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017. The company’s products are developed, manufactured, marketed and sold in accordance with the respective quality-control processes and procedures. These include continuous improvements pertaining to the quality, safety and effectiveness of the products.

Information Security and Data Protection

Clearly framed information security and personal data protection are an imperative bedrock of Bentley’s processes, procedures, products and services to build trust with customers, employees, distributors and other stakeholders. The corresponding procedures and policies have been implemented or are in the process of being adopted and comprise:

  • Internal processes and procedures for incident management
  • Internal training programs
  • Code of Conduct
  • Company philosophy and Quality Policy
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • IT Policy
  • Data Protection Policy

Environmental and Climate Impact

The Group features an almost fully integrated European value chain. Best-in-class customer service and accessibility are at the core of Bentley’s operations. Reliable deliveries are an important part of the supply chain and customer service. Bentley strives to ensure that its logistics and transportation are environmentally friendly while ensuring patient safety always comes first. By acquiring key supplier Bentley Switzerland AG, the Bentley Group has set another stepstone when it comes to nearshoring and de-risking the supply and value chain.

Bentley strives to ensure that its workplaces, premises and production facilities are environmentally friendly and is currently in the process of developing a dedicated environmental strategy for the Group.