Bentley announces sale of the 100.000th BeGraft peripheral

November 03, 2020

Bentley announces sale of the 100.000th BeGraft peripheral

In its relatively young existence, Bentley has gained a good reputation within the endovascular society. With the introduction of the BeGraft family, Bentley made its entrance in the covered stenting market and offered new and unique features compared to the already existing products on the market.

Within the BeGraft portfolio, it is the BeGraft peripheral, which stands out and has the most impressive records of accomplishment. Not only because of its sizing range from 5 to 10 mm, but also in terms of the length of the stent. It was the BeGraft peripheral that first provided the vascular society with the much-needed missing stent length of approximately 28 mm. This, along with its flexibility and low profile, made the stent a "first to pick" for many physicians to improve the clinical outcome of their endovascular procedure.

As a result of its outstanding product characteristics, Bentley announces that early November they will achieve another milestone for the BeGraft peripheral stent: 100.000 sold products! “This is a great achievement for us,” says Sebastian Büchert, CEO at Bentley. ”We launched the product in October 2013 and in the beginning it started slowly like with any other product, but now the stent is known globally and accepted by the endovascular society thanks to its outstanding clinical track record. And that is not all, there is so much more to come for the BeGraft peripheral stent and the rest of the Bentley product portfolio,” he continues. 


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