Bentley France gets dedicated direct to customer sales force this New Year

January 01, 2020

Bentley France gets dedicated direct to customer sales force this New Year

Bentley is marketing directly to its customers in France, moving from an agency arrangement to one with a dedicated team of seven sales representatives and a country sales manager, from January 1st, 2020.

Philippe Rozet, Country Sales Manager for France has 13 years of history working with balloon expandable covered stents in France. As well as Bentley’s range of peripheral covered stents, he will also oversee sales for the two other products in the portfolio: the BeGraft coronary stent and the BeSmooth peripheral stent (bare metal). Mr. Rozet is based in Paris and together with his team, he will nurture relationships with vascular surgeons, interventional radiologists, cardiologists, pharmacists and financial management within hospitals.

In France more than 600 physicians are active with endovascular procedures. “Our agents did a great job giving Bentley’s product portfolio a good footprint within the French market but their sales team still had to split their time and focus between the Bentley products and the other medical products they are distributing. I strongly believe that with a dedicated team we can increase our service and have more focus on the exclusive product portfolio that Bentley offers,” said Mr. Martijn Nugteren, Director of Sales and Marketing at Bentley.

“The French market has one of the highest penetrations of covered stent use in the world,” remarked Martijn Nugteren. “This is one reason why we decided to go direct to this market. With a dedicated sales force there will be a greater focus with 100% of representatives’ time spent on Bentley products,” he added.

Physicians are pushing the boundaries of clinical practice with Bentley stents, so the team in the field needs to have a significant amount of expert knowledge making sure that the best possible service can be provided, he added.

Mr. Rozet also commented on the new arrangement: “Bentley products are growing quickly in France and by going direct to our customers we intend to be more present in the market and optimise the level of supply and services”.

France is being added to a growing list of countries with dedicated sales teams as Bentley grows in size. These countries comprise Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. “It is always foremost in our minds to maximise the contact interface with physicians” said Mr. Nugteren.

Pleased to welcome Mr. Rozet to Bentley, Mr. Nugteren said: “I know Philippe from the previous company where we worked together on covered stents, Philippe has a huge network, is a very strong team builder with a positive drive, and is dedicated to ensuring that his team works optimally and build success for Bentley and the brand in France,” he added.

“I see this as a new and exciting challenge to build the Bentley brand by a direct approach” Mr. Rozet commented.  “With the team that we recruited I am more than positive that we will succeed and that we can show the society in France what we at Bentley have to offer.”

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